Our Story 

For a number of years at Wild Nectar we have been working away at beekeeping and honeymaking, focusing on providing pollination services and producing many tonnes of 100% Australian local honey and Organic honey each year. As our passion for raw honey grew we decided it was time to make a change to bring the methods we were using for cold extracted honey and sell to consumers under our own brand, Wild Nectar honey.

We have a small team of passionate apiarists who tend to our bees year-round, working to follow the seasons and flora, to produce the best quality pure honey the pristine environment of the Australian bush gives us. Australia’s variety of flora and the local honey that comes from our native plants is absolutely unique in the world. We are driven by a passion for beekeeping, and the incredible locations we work in. Our raw honey is pure, unadulterated gold and we are proud to produce it ourselves, taking care in every step of the process from bush to honey bottle.

Our honey is raw, and cold extracted from the hive. We simply strain it to remove wax and any hive or plant debris. This minimal processing keeps this unique, Australian honey in its most natural state, retaining its key enzymes and beneficial properties. As a result of the cold extracted honey remaining raw and unpasteurised, it may crystallise. This is an indicator of pure, unprocessed raw honey, and can be minimised by gently placing the honey jar in warm water.