Our Organic Honey Story 

Why Organic Honey?

When it comes to honey, Wild Nectar's Certified Organic Australian honey takes on a truly different meaning to other products. For us, producing organic honey brings us the closest one can be to the true meaning of organic there is, being totally natural and untouched by the human hand or any other process or intervention in its creation. Alongside our cold extraction process, producing organic honey is something we’re passionate about to ensure that our Wild Nectar Honey is bottled for our customers in its most pristine and natural state, just as the bees intended.

What makes our Honey Organic?

All of our Organic Honey range is OFC (Organic Food Chain) and ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certified, which means there are a comprehensive set of guidelines we must adhere to, managed ultimately by the Australian Department of Agriculture. The essence of these guidelines means we must limit the flora our bees feed off to naturally occurring or organically managed flora. To achieve this, every single one of our organic beehives is placed more than 5km from any cultivated area, which is the maximum area that bees will roam to gather nectar. This keeps them in completely untouched environments as they pollinate the flora and produce beautiful organic honey in the hive.

Where do you place the hives?

The vast and pristine environments foraging for organic honey requires makes Australia a truly unique country for its production, and one of a very small number of places in the world where it's possible. We place our beehives in untouched native forests and National Parks in NSW, from the South Coast to the Snowy Mountains and the Central West, far from farmed and cultivated areas. We have a responsibility attached to our OFC and ACO certification and a deep commitment to making sure we leave these locations as we found them, and do everything we can to protect the indigenous insect population. Here, our bees feed on native flora as the seasons bring each pollen source into bloom, such as Ironbark, Mallee, Peppermint and Banksia. This makes Wild Nectar Organic honey the purest form of Australian honey that can be made – a special Australian honey from very unique Australian locations.

Does Organic Honey Taste Better?

There is an unmistakeable difference in the flavour of honey made from Australian natives, which the bees feed on to create our organic honey, and which are very rich with nectar compared to other types of flora. In addition to this, our Organic Honey is only heated to the temperature of a hive on a hot day, with a maximum of around 45 degrees, for packaging, which ensures there are no structural changes to the sugars or naturally occurring enzymes in the honey. This keeps all our honey in its raw state, and retains its most natural flavour profile, making the most delicious organic honey, but also a fragrant and nostalgic flavour for Australians after the best of our native bush in a bottle!

Wild Nectar Cetified Organic Honey Badge
Wild Nectar ACO Certification badge
Wild Nectar ACO Cetified Organic Honey Badge