Our Locations

Wild Nectar 100% Australian honey comes from our exclusive hive sites in some of the most iconic Australian national parks and bushland regions, stretching from Northern Victoria through to Northern New South Wales. This varied area encompasses pristine bushland, orchards and vast stretches of untouched National Parks and native forests, with the majority of our hives placed in the NSW South Coast, Western Plains and Murrumbidgee River, Snowy Mountain region and Northern VIC’s Murray River.

About 50% of our production is Organic honey, the majority of which comes from our hives in the beautiful, remote National Parks of the NSW South Coast. These sites are nestled in stunning wildernesses, miles from civilization and surrounded by native flowering plants to create pure, unadulterated Australian honey.

Our hives in Western New South Wales particularly benefit from the eucalypts along the banks of the Murrumbidgee such as Red Gum and Ironbark, as well as the sweet-smelling orange blossoms, as they do their work pollinating orchards in the Riverina.