The Organic Honey Difference

Australia is a lucky country in so many ways, but one of the ways our beekeepers notice the most is the vast amount of pristine and untouched bushland which we have throughout the states, and the phenomenal range of native plants and trees which they contain. These are the environments our Organic honey is sourced from, far from cultivated areas (minimum 5km) and untouched by cultivation methods, we place our hives in National Parks and large tracts of bushland. 
This kind of wilderness is totally unique in the world, especially on the scale we have it in Australia, and produces an Organic honey from native flora nectar which is also unlike any other in the world. In this rare environment, our hives are carefully placed for the bees to feed on flowering eucalypts like Ironbark, as well as native banksia, and even the occasional waratah. These native trees produce abundant nectar in the seasons they are flowering - which is sometimes only every 2-3 years.  The result is a nostalgic taste to Australians who know local top quality honey and appreciate the difference.
For us, producing this Organic honey is the biggest pleasure as a beekeeper, and a privilege to work in these environments. Whilst our bees feed, they’re also doing their bit to pollinate these wonderful forests. And we do our bit, by using cold extraction methods to keep our honey raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered, maintaining the maximum benefits of its natural properties. Eucalyptus honey can have lower GI, and more potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties than other honeys, and Australian native honeys can vary in colour and activity, but they are usually a deep rich gold, with mild and delicately fragrant flavour, and absolutely delicious!! 
Our Organic honey range is available online for you to buy today and try this pristine honey from hive to home. 

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